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At Buildplex, it is our aim to construct innovative Residential apartments, Commercial developments, Medium Density developments and Single Residential homes to suit your lifestyle, personal and professional needs.

We will take care of your residential drafting requirements should you choose, whilst also offering solid reliable project, construction and onsite management, enabling all construction projects to be completed on time and budget therefore enhancing a trouble free building experience for the owner and or client.

You can feel comfortable building with Buildplex as we are firmly focused on providing our clients with the highest quality product, coupled with strong financial control so to enable a sound return on your future investment.

Buildplex retains many years of experience whilst being committed to quality design and construction specifications within all sectors of the construction industry. Our innovative and flexible approach to construction has allowed Buildplex to achieve efficiencies on projects which have led to substantial savings in time and money.

Fast competitive quotes.

Australia Owned & Operated.

We are proud to be a wholly owned and operated Western Australian Building Company. We are also highly qualified project managers, draftsmen, supervisors and tradesmen with a long successful history in the Western Australian building industry.

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